What people think of Conscious Wellness

Amy and Michael Baby

Knowing we were to become parents did not prepare us for the chaos that developed when our daughter was born. The first 3 months were manageable. Both of us were home and we could play tag team. How much easier our lives would have been if we had hired Francie earlier. Our first meeting was great. She could help us with our goals for our babies nutrition and helped us replenish our energy with some simple adjustments. The real improvement happened when she helped us with meal planning. We can’t recommend her enough!


After my pregnancy I found out that I had to have a common surgery. Pregnancy hormones, particularly progesterone, cause muscular tissue throughout the body to relax, and this affects the gallbladder as well. This was tough since I had just had my baby and I was having to go back into the hospital. My husband and I both needed support when I returned home. It was really life changing to have our kitchen organized and food that I could digest well. Our lives just keep getting better!



Imagine feeling whole and connected with the essence of your true self.  For many people, however, depleted food choices get in the way of achieving this vision.  And many find it difficult to let go of old habits and beliefs without a compassionate guide.

I can help you break free of these challenging habits and belief systems and start to embrace good food and a healthy lifestyle.  I will support you as you begin to transform your life – inside and out.

  • Imagine a life in which you feel vital and energetic, mentally and emotionally clear, and grounded.
  • Imagine a life in which you are able to achieve and sustain a healthy weight.
  • Imagine a life in which your daily habits work for you.
  • Imagine a life in which you feel healthy.

Ask yourself a few of these questions:

  1. How does food make you feel?
  2. Has deprivation or dieting worked for you?
  3. Do your food choices nourish or deplete you?
  4. Are you ready to start taking care of yourself?
  5. Are you ready to make a sustainable change in your life to feel better?

Conscious Wellness , LLC coaches individuals on creating the life they want within the life they have by bringing consciousness to health. What does this mean? This is about bringing awareness to our daily habits and determining if they nourish or deplete us. This is accomplished through health and wellness counseling, healthy weight management coaching, holistic nutrition, the food and mood connection, awareness of emotional eating, and how to eat and what to eat for optimal health.

I offer a range of wellness packages and services that include:

  • Personal counseling sessions
  • Food and nutrition coaching
  • Customized 30-day meal plans
  •  Teaching people how to eat well and simply without compromising taste
  • Healthy weight management using the Ultra Lite™ Program
  • Self-Care education and support

Let’s get started!  Give me a call at 505-577-1409 or email me at francie@franciehealey.com  I can design a program that is just right for you.