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Conscious Wellness supports the development of an inner locus of control for discerning and understanding the innate inner wisdom that guides each of us towards balance and health. Conscious Wellness aims to empower the individual through unconditional and reflective therapeutic regard combined with evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle knowledge. Autonomous, kind, curious, and informed individuals become conscious leaders of health in their own lives and in their communities.


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Book cover Eat to Beat Alzheimer'sEat to Beat Alzheimer’s offers a practical guide and an empowering tool to bring nourishing, healthful, and delicious food into the lives of people concerned about Alzheimer’s and other cognitive problems. Almost 9 million people in the U.S. suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and the toll is rapidly increasing. This book will appeal to everyone concerned about dementia and memory loss in either themselves or a loved one.

Recent research makes clear that the impact of aging on the brain can be reduced by simple diet and lifestyle modifications. The delicious food choices and easy-to-prepare recipes in this book are based on the latest findings showing that they can help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and other conditions like it, or prevent them entirely.

Readers will gain the knowledge and tools to take charge of their health by incorporating tasty, healing foods into their diet. The information in this cookbook will be as relevant and useful 20 years from now as it is today. And the recipes will still be just as delicious.


14739339290_5ce602e2bf_z Curried vegetable sauté - This is a mellow, yet pleasing curry. It is a lovely way to introduce cabbage into the diet. Cabbage has numerous health benefits, not the least of which is the abundance of vitamins K and C. You’ll notice that there are very few wheat-based products in this cookbook. Occasionally, though, I do like to offer […]
https://www.flickr.com/photos/toasty/12965094554/in/photolist-kKFuV1-4r1n5y-fh6U1D-98yt7i-5dJrsN-56eHrt-dFnD8d-6zFtJV-9buJB3-2erUmz-rZy9N-5iBK4b-m5x8ei-Luht7-eJGi7x-bviN8B-p226uf-84DEEu-p9gyay-8tC3AX-7K2mgB-eBG3N9-a1kooM-peqngh-PcsMa-6kQfAG-GAsfG-7NqWaU-4oNfLK-nPxytM-edgmPp-eMfCyP-bAyUGH-ao3RcB-bQvLh6-ZS7T-7xGDTu-baLHgg-58DUZn-7ubXYz-9uKUmb-QJ23t-54yf8C-7uU2oX-98yZPv-9jLN1q-brh36t-5GYL56-dFnCT3-aaguo1 Good Mood Food - There is a lot of talk about brain health happening these days. The excitement is that we are really beginning to see connections in the way we live and what we eat and how that affects our brains.  And brains are not just for thinking and problem solving – they control our moods (depression, anxiety, […]
https://www.flickr.com/photos/photographygal123/4703702777/in/photolist-8aDGXK-8rnDSV-9BqcNK-9jZyx5-7LS9F-4zfAid-op7u55-9x57FK-9x57KM-nhSXxH-2mJmqB-73yr2A-68SmiC-9kR7D9-haxni-4XqSq6-pR29zZ-3drigg-965KHn-43nnpS-46n43-9x57Ma-9vNQiM-6tSDVm-9x57HZ-9x57Q4-9cx1Pq-9vNQjr-9x87yh-9vRSDw-64Fxhv-h5v1Pk-6jK2oB-h5v8nG-4NYXDs-cPMAQ-8zQC4Z-9vRSBf-9kLT7C-7JUKhD-o2LCSy-Kjp1z-aK8tzB-hAm1qG-968L5Y-2pzeG5-5KG7ap-6N7BXt-AJVEk-bme2dx Golden baked chicken - Marinating is a great way to add interest to chicken. If you are a fan of dark meat, go ahead and substitute for the chicken breasts. The molasses marinade gives the chicken a lovely, rich sweetness and a beautiful color. This dish pairs well with cooked grains and mixed greens. Blackstrap molasses is rich in […]
https://www.flickr.com/photos/wilson_cps/14706868433/in/photolist-opAxB8-mjxh2H-9ZqRoE-gNTpwW-j7A6QT-6Go8s-eqPoia-GW6NJ-9Sfnoe-cAJxry-ggnFK-bh4Hw-cAKQSA-cAJFJ5-5Kmcqy-721zTS-bWdVhz-cAJXbA-mjwuXM-cZ2agf-4yNAFh-caLWRC-cAJWQY-5KgXFk-nsimJ7-34Azxf-aEdEei-4oAMGA-cZXThs-dd8r1C-6uueWN-ehoaq3-9EG3oj-8ggMnL-nLz9x6-6eo8xd-9KosLS-mEFWQP-64w4c8-acBCLe-9qB71e-nWXtbw-ehob2m-7TL8o7-a9FFQ9-gth9ug-9EDs48-9Ek15p-gthjz7-erchXJ The One Simple Thing You Can Do to Feel Better In Every Way - You may have heard the term “adrenal fatigue” or “adrenal burnout.” These terms are meant to describe a physiological situation in which the systems designed to help us respond and deal with stress become compromised.  The adrenal glands, which sit atop our kidneys, secrete a hormone called cortisol when we are experiencing any form of […]
https://www.flickr.com/photos/vizpix/3937768914/in/photolist-6ZY6vu-8GwXkS-5jy2x1-3cCsX-5vjUF-8GtMPk-3cCqP-f6XiET-f7cxbf-f6XhAe-dpQhpi-5mrodd-5m6Lot-5nG7Jz-5nNsf7-gvE3Z-9tEUA7-exJfeD-oKqSpv-kaozKQ-6AqFFA-k5c1LV-Cp2xz-gvE3Y-kaovnG-5nNkq9-fErjQQ-fErjK5-fErj1W-fE9Hvv-fE9HZ2-fE9JjR-fEriEq-fE9HiP-5dM2zR-8AsDSK-rYNaiD-Cp2cx-qdTqUt-Cp2d2-Cp2dP-qkssta-gvE41-gvDSs-6oU3g5-77moj7-8qWq6z-717NgB-e2y6k1-h88WT Amaranth Pancakes - Amaranth pancakes are nutty and substantial. Without gluten you won’t get light and fluffy diner-style pancakes. Nonetheless, they have a delicious, cake-like texture that will carry you until lunch. Maybe you’d like to consider making a double batch and carrying a few with you for hearty mid-afternoon snack? Cultivated by the Aztecs 8,000 years ago, […]





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fern leafEven though our consultation was brief,

I wanted to thank you for all of the invaluable information you imparted to me. My health and energy has improved dramatically. Thanks to you I feel empowered regarding my health by getting the push to make healthful choices part of my routine. – Teresa


thank you daisy

This is a sincere thank you for a really meaningful and useful presentation.

I can see why you came so highly recommended. You generated a very special kind of interaction in the group from the moment you began the introduction go-round with your question as to what each person regularly does that makes her/him feel good. Among many possibilities, it reminded each of us that we already have the power to do good for ourselves.

As I said after we concluded, I personally appreciated your vocabulary. You have a gift for articulating with very grounded images! I’m most grateful for the time and energy you expended to bring such a precious message to the group, and for the sensitive and personal way you connected with us. Oh, and your message and genuineness almost made me forget the most useful details around your recommendations for integrating the stuff we eat with the soul care you encouraged. What a great overall respect for the whole person (psyche and matter). Many thanks! – Dave


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Thank you for being part of our child’s support team

and guiding our family towards health and recovery. We deeply appreciate you being a part of our journey as a family. – Loving Parents